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“What a great centerpiece,” will be the popular phrase heard on patio’s everywhere. Accenting your patio table setting with a decorative centerpiece couldn’t be easier, even if there is an umbrella pole running through the table. BRELLA VASE® is the two piece vase from Blue Star Group that locks around the umbrella pole.
BRELLA VASE® is easy to add or remove from the table. Create your centerpiece and then simply slide the two watertight vase halves together around the umbrella pole at tabletop and lock them in place.
BRELLA VASE® offers the versatility of mixing and matching the vase color with the display or to compliment other patio color schemes. Both the 5” and 10” tall sizes are available in four opaque colors -- Cottage White, Desert Sand, Garden Green, Terra Cotta -- and four NEW translucent colors --
Crystal Dew, Seaport Blue, Kauai Green, Wildflower Red.
Made of durable high-impact plastic, BRELLA VASE® is dishwasher safe and UV stabilized for extended outdoor use, so they won’t fade when left outdoors like most plastic items. They can also double as festive napkin or plastic-ware holders for any occasion or celebrated event.