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It’s called BRELLA LIGHTS® – PATIO UMBRELLA LIGHTING SYSTEM. An innovative outdoor lighting idea that easily attaches to the ribs of any 8-rib patio umbrella and provides an alluring festive or romantic atmosphere to compliment any after dark patio or deck activity.
BRELLA LIGHTS® is the perfect lighting to set the mood. The delightful aesthetically appealing subtle glow of soft light from our enhanced IN-LINE light design offers an inexpensive and decorative way to extend your outdoor entertaining long after the sun goes down. And, when the sun goes down, that’s when we really shine.

With the convenience of light and the “Power Pod” receptacle at tabletop you can read, watch TV, listen to music, work on your laptop, blend a smoothie, cook dinners at the table on an electric Wok or just relax and enjoy late night gatherings and conversation on your patio with family and friends.

Storage is even easier, since BRELLA LIGHTS® are designed to stay on the umbrella when it is closed, opened, or stored. Specifically made and U.L. Listed for attachment to a patio umbrella and outdoor use, it is designed so if one bulb burns out the rest of the lights remain lit. While BRELLA LIGHTS® may draw everybody’s attention at your next party, its diffused lighting ambiance will not attract most flying insects.